Printing presses

Our Company has three offset printing presses available. Our flagship machines are 5 color offset printing press KBA Rapida 75E-5+L with in-line coating unit for disperse coating and our newest acquisition, 8 colour offset printing press KBA Rapida 75-8 SW4 with the option for duplex printing during a single pass. Both printing machines were acquired with the highest possible configuration available, with the emphasis on energy efficiency. The features include activation and CIP3 optimization, Spectrophotometer Techkon Spectro-Drive connected to the ErgoTronic console, inking unit temperature control including Technotrans coolant, QualiTronic Color Control – inline measuring of ErgoTronic ACR density – online register measurement, Job Change program and many other systems that guarantee the quality and speed during the printing process.

Technical specifications of KBA Rapida 75E-5+L / KBA Rapida 75-8 SW4

Maximum sheet format 530 × 750 mm / 530 x 750 mm
Minimum sheet format 330 × 330 mm / 330 / 330 mm
Maximum print format 510 × 735 mm / 510 x 735 mm
Maximum substrate 0,6 mm / 0,6 mm
Production speed 16,000 sheets/hr / 13,000 sheets/hr

Among other printing equipment used by our printing house are also:

Polly 266 – 2 colour 485 x 640 mm (max. print format)
Grafopress GPE B4 – book printing



  • KBA Rapida 75-8-SW4 
  • KBA Rapida 75-5+L  
  • Polly 266 
  • Grafopress GPE


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