Printing presses

Our Company has three offset printing presses available. Our flagship machines are 5 color offset printing press KBA Rapida 75E-5+L with in-line coating unit for disperse coating and our newest acquisition, 8 colour offset printing press KBA Rapida 75-8 SW4 with the option for duplex printing during a single pass. Both printing machines were acquired with the highest possible configuration available, with the emphasis on energy efficiency. The features include activation and CIP3 optimization, Spectrophotometer Techkon Spectro-Drive connected to the ErgoTronic console, inking unit temperature control including Technotrans coolant, QualiTronic Color Control – inline measuring of ErgoTronic ACR density – online register measurement, Job Change program and many other systems that guarantee the quality and speed during the printing process.

Technical specifications of KBA Rapida 75E-5+L / KBA Rapida 75-8 SW4

Maximum sheet format 530 × 750 mm / 530 x 750 mm
Minimum sheet format 330 × 330 mm / 330 / 330 mm
Maximum print format 510 × 735 mm / 510 x 735 mm
Maximum substrate 0,6 mm / 0,6 mm
Production speed 16,000 sheets/hr / 13,000 sheets/hr

Among other printing equipment used by our printing house are also:

Polly 266 – 2 colour 485 x 640 mm (max. print format)
Grafopress GPE B4 – book printing



  • KBA Rapida 75-8-SW4 
  • KBA Rapida 75-5+L  
  • Polly 266 
  • Grafopress GPE


We thank VALEUR for the excellent and fast handling of our printing requirements. We are glad they always come up with new ideas and solutions that make our work easier. They always manage to tackle and quickly react to all our non-standard requirements. The services they provide always exceed our expectations.

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